Kidz Korner Toy Library

Conditions of Membership

Please note that by paying your annual Kidz Korner Toy Library membership subscription, it is deemed that you have read the rules below and agree to abide by them.

Welcome to the Kidz Korner Toy Library. The library is a community service offered under the umbrella of Chartwell Co-operating Church and run by a voluntary committee, with the aim being to provide a range of good quality toys for children between the ages of 0 to 8 years. As a non-profit organisation, the operation of the library depends on the support from its members. We hope that you enjoy the benefits that the Toy Library can give your family, and that, as a member, you can support the committee’s efforts in ensuring the continued success of the Library.

1. Borrowing Toys

1.1 Toys are loaned for a period of two weeks. Toys can not be renewed for a further period on the day of return

1.2 A maximum of five items may be borrowed per family at any one time. Only one RO toy (Ride On) may be borrowed at any one time.

1.3 Toys are to be counted by the member prior to leaving the library to ensure the toy is complete and in good condition. If the member chooses to wait until they get home to do this, any missing pieces or damage MUST be reported ON THE DAY OF ISSUE. Failure to do so will incur full fines for damaged/missing pieces.

1.4 The family membership card must be presented when borrowing toys.  Please advise us if your card is lost and we will replace it.

1.5 No further toys will be issued while there are overdue toys and/or fees outstanding.


2.1 So that all members can enjoy a good selection of toys, it is important that toys are returned each fortnight. Hence, an overdue fine of $2.00 per toy per week or part thereof that the toy is overdue.
If for any reason you are unable to return the toys on time (eg family emergency, sick children), please contact us as soon as possible.

2.2 Persistent lateness in returning toys could result in cancellation of membership.


3.1 Toys are inspected upon return. Toys must be returned clean. If the toy is dirty, the volunteer member on duty will make a note of this and it will be held out of circulation for a committee member to inspect. Should the toy require cleaning by a committee member, this will incur a fee of $5 and you will be notified.

3.2 If a toy is returned damaged (including being drawn on) a $5 non-refundable administration fee will be charged as an initial fee, with subsequent costs to be addressed by the committee as required (see 3.3 and 3.4).

3.3 If the damaged toy is repairable, and the cost to repair the damage exceeds $5.00, the member will be contacted by a representative from the committee to pay the balance.

3.4 Any toy which is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair, must be paid for by the member. If the toy is less than twelve months old, its full value must be paid.  If the toy is more than twelve months old, a replacement fee will be charged, relative to the age, condition and popularity of the toy, as determined by the committee.

3.5 Frequent damaged and/or lost toys may result in a cancellation of membership.


4.1 Members are required to help at the Toy Library on a Tuesday or Saturday morning at least three times per year. A roster will be issued quarterly for each member. You have the option to ‘buy-out’ of your duties at the time of joining. To ‘buy-out’ you must inform the Librarian at the beginning of your membership. If your circumstances change during your membership, please notify the Librarian as soon as possible.

4.2 If a member is unable to help on their rostered duty day, it is the member’s responsibility to find a replacement by swapping their duty with another member on the roster. The librarian then needs to be notified of the swap.

4.3 Failure to turn up to rostered duty will result in a fine of $25. The librarian will endeavour to advise you of your duty requirement the week before, but it is your responsibility to check the roster and note down your duty day.


5.1 Membership to KKTL will be given to families resident in any suburb of Hamilton and immediate surrounding suburbs including: Eureka, Tamahere, Matangi, Puketaha, Rukuhia, Ngahinapouri, Whatawhata, Horotiu, Ngaruawahia, Gordonton, Horsham Downs, Ohaupo. An appropriate form of identification will be required as proof of your address.


6.1 Members pay a non refundable annual membership fee of $95.00. This rate requires the member to be on the duty roster as per 4.1.

6.2 Members who select the ‘buy out’ membership option pay a non refundable annual membership of $160.00.

6.3 Committee member’s pay a heavily reduced membership fee.

6.4 Grandparent membership is $45.00 with a limit of 5 visits per year.

6.5 Concessions for ‘casual lending’ are available with an appropriate form of ID. For more information please contact the Librarian. All membership rules apply to casual lenders.

6.6 Payment can be made in cash or via internet banking. Internet banking Details: 03-1557-0069229-00. Please list your Surname in the Reference Details.


7.1 The library opens twice a week:

- Tuesday from 9:30am to 11:00am         

- Saturday from 10:00am to 11:30am


8.1 Personal details are required to:
     - Create a membership record for issuing and return of toys.
     - Enable the librarian or committee member to contact members.
     - Provide an address (physical and email) to send out annual subscriptions and newsletters.
     - Send out a roster with members’ telephone numbers. Please notify the library if you do not wish to have your
       telephone number printed on this roster.

8.2 Personal information is stored at the Kidz Korner Toy Library.  Personal details are available to members of the Toy Library committee.

8.3 Members have the right to access and correct personal information. 

8.4 Members must notify the Librarian of any change of address, email address, contact phone number and family details as soon as possible.


9.1 Members assume full and complete responsibility for any injury to any persons using toys borrowed from the Kidz Korner Toy Library.


10.1 Members must not exchange toys with friends, even if they are Toy Library members.

10.2 All borrowed toys are the responsibility of the borrower and must remain at the borrower’s home.

10.3 Members will be notified of any amendments to these rules.